A few weeks ago at work, while I was reading Grantland.com during my lunch break, my co-worker says to me “you should start a blog about basketball – a Habitat for Humanity accountant’s take on the NBA.”

I tossed the idea around in my head for the past few weeks, and thought “why not?” I am a big basketball fan, and especially a big Indiana Pacers fan. Plus, I’ve already had another blog – Dave White Paintings – for a few years now, but basketball doesn’t really fit into the artwork I post on that website. Since I’m an artist, having a basketball blog would also give me a good excuse to begin creating basketball related artwork again!

Here are some pieces from a few years ago:

Now, what the heck is going on with the Pacers?????

Last night I watched them get absolutely demolished by the Houston Rockets. They seemed like they didn’t even care to be playing basketball. Ever since they traded Granger away, things have sort of fallen apart. Maybe bringing in 3 new guys who have all been a part of the dismal losing of the Philadelphia 76ers over the past 2 years (Andrew Bynum, Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen), wasn’t such a good idea for locker room chemistry?

I checked on Twitter after the game, and all the haters were out saying the Pacers don’t stand a chance against the Heat, no way they’re going to the Finals, blah blah blah. Every team goes through their ups and downs during the season, even the best ones. So I’m not too worried and think that the Pacers will get their act together soon!


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